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Flexcavo OS helps Peter Gross Bau recover stolen construction machine

The Peter Gross Bau group of companies experienced a nightmare on Monday, June 7th 2021 in the Rhine-Main area. A Volvo wheel loader worth over 50,000 euros disappeared from the construction site over the weekend. With the help of the digital fleet management system FlexcavoOS the stolen machine was quickly recovered.




Building on each other

For more than 130 years, the family-owned company Peter Gross Bau has been one of the best-known names in the construction industry, with a broad range of activities from building construction to general construction to civil engineering. More than 900 construction sites are managed by the group of companies throughout Germany. In 2020, the company found a partner at eye level in Flexcavo and praises above all the dynamism and vision of the young team. Flexcavo was founded in July 2020 with the mission optimize the use of construction machinery and increase the productivity of construction companies through digital solutions. At Peter Gross Bau, more than 7500 construction machines are already integrated into Flexcavo's innovative software. 

"We are satisfied with Flexcavo and look forward to further successful cooperation," says Nikolas Sariyannis, MTA Manager at Peter Gross Bau - and not without reason, because in June 2021, an unfateful incident occurred.


Machine theft keeps company on tenterhooks

On the morning of June 7th 2021, at a construction site in Dietzenbach, an employee suddenly found himself standing in front of an empty area where a Volvo L 30 G wheel loader should normally be. It was quickly clear that this was a theft case.

Since the stolen construction machine was registered in FlexcavoOS, its coordinates, including Google satellite images, could be tracked in real time and visualized on the virtual map of the operating system. Its location was pinpointed on a large construction site in Slovakia. Using the Street View function, it was even possible to identify street names and warehouses at the destination. Based on recorded operating hours, it was also possible to determine when the machine had last been used on the construction site, when it had been illegally driven onto a trailer over the weekend, and when it had finally been unloaded abroad. All the information was immediately passed to the police. The police then forwarded the information directly to their Slovenian colleagues so that the machine could be seized within a very short time.

Peter Gross' nightmare is shared by many construction companies, because construction site thefts are unfortunately not uncommon worldwide. In Europe alone, stolen machines and equipment cost the construction industry around 1.5 billion euros in damages every year. Even though the police have registered a general decline in the number of stolen vehicles throughout Germany in recent years - possibly, due to the border closures caused by the Corona pandemic -, there are still cases in which the thieves get away with their loot and construction companies are left with their costs. To protect their yard and especially their fleet from theft, construction companies have a variety of options from organizational to digital security methods. The most advanced and probably safest method, as in the case of Peter Gross Bau, is digital theft protection with telematics solutions, GPS tracking and geofencing technology. FlexcavoOS enables construction companies to digitally monitor and accurately track the location of their entire fleet of machines, allowing them to respond immediately in the event of an emergency.