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Documents &

All documents
& certificates
centrally available

No more heavy folders that need to be transported to every construction site for every machine. All information and documents are available digitally for all employees, even on mobile. 

Manufacturer & Model Catalog

We enrich your machines with high quality data sets, directly from the manufacturers. If you create new machines in the system, we match your machines directly with BGL and check your data records for correctness and completeness. Uniform and correct data, always available.


What our customers say:

“We can react much faster, as the locations and

operating status of our machines and fleet are available in one tool" 

Digital documents management

Whether purchasing contracts, operating manuals, exhausting gas inspections or test reports, you can simply upload them all to the machine card and gain access to them at any time. From now on, you don't have to carry tons of folders anymore!

Digital documents management screen

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