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From construction logistics to final project reporting, the scheduling processes are the central component of every construction project. With FlexcavoOS, you can not only make your scheduling more efficient, but also optimize your workload without a magnetic board or Excel spreadsheet. 

Project Deployment Planning

Make your requirements planning for machines and building materials very simple. With FlexcavoOS, you have an overview of your entire equipment fleet, including usage data. Plan quantities and special specifications with a few clicks. 
In the project, all requirements are centrally consolidated in the software and can be easily passed on to the warehouse after coverage. 

Project deployment screen

What out customers say:

“We can react much faster, as the locations and

operating status of our machines and fleet are available in one tool" 


Analyze the workloads according to individual devices, machine categories and other filter options. Identify optimization potentials and implement them directly. FlexcavoOS offers you an intuitive overview of the availabilities of the entire master base, so that you can quickly cover requirements and efficiently bridge idle times. 

Workload optimisation screen

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