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Project &
Machine Overview

NOT by FILING cabinets.

With FlexcavoOS, you can manage all: large, small and bulky equipment, add-on parts, as well as consumables and supplies. Identify machines on site via QR code and receive all information directly on your cell phone. It really couldn't be simpler.

Mobile fleet management

No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. Your fleet and construction equipment will always be with you on your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Keep track of all locations, projects and equipments.

Mobile Fleet management screen

What our customers say:

“We can react much faster, as the locations and

operating status of our machines and fleet are available in one tool" 

Search and identify

With just a few clicks you can find all the information you need about your machine thanks to our filter functions. If that's not fast enough for you, use our QR code scanner with the QR code attached directly to your machine and automatically call up the machine map with all the information you need.

Search and identify screen

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