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We take Climate Action

In order to meet national and international climate protection targets, politicians, society and companies are looking for new solutions. According to the IEA, almost 40% of global energy and process-related CO₂ emissions are caused by the construction and use of buildings.

While the energy-efficient use of buildings is already receiving a great deal of attention and is being driven forward at full speed, e.g. with low-energy houses, sustainability labels and government support, the construction industry itself has so far been less in focus.

Improvements start at the level of individual companies, that's why we at Flexcavo are actively committed to the environment! With intuitive and affordable solutions, we want to lead the way together with our customers.

This starts with our participation on We Take Climate Action campaign.

Together with 200 other companies from all over Europe, we are actively working to meet climate targets and drive sustainability awareness in the construction industry.

That's why we're even more excited to announce that we've been operating 100% carbon neutral since the beginning of 2021!

We offset the total CO₂ emissions of our fleet based on the fuel consumption of our construction machinery. In addition, however, we also take indirect emissions into account. These include, for example, the operation of our offices and rental stations, the travel of our employees and business trips.

We work with ClimatePartner to offset our CO₂ emissions. We naturally bear the costs for this - there are no additional costs for our customers.