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Sustainability in the Construction Machinery Rental Business

In order to meet the increasing requirements for climate protection from national and international regulatory authorities, topics around sustainable construction are increasingly moving into the focus of construction companies. As part of the Best Practices event series from BBI, our Head of Business Development Dr. Alexander Wallot presents measures for more sustainability in construction. Watch both parts of the presentation now.

Sustainability is a top priority for us. By concretely monitoring machines, their use and their fuel consumption via FlexcavoOS, CO2 emissions can be regulated and significantly reduced. Together with ClimatePartner, we compensate for the CO2 emissions of construction machinery and support selected climate projects, such as the Ecomapuá climate protection project in Brazil.



"Reputation effects and addressing customer needs are key drivers for the introduction of sustainable measures," says Dr. Alexander Wallot. "The construction industry is actively using software solutions to facilitate the implementation of sustainability measures." 

Dr. Alexander Wallot, together with LECTURA, presents these and other exclusive insights into sustainability practices currently in place and those planned for the future in the construction industry, as well as potential hurdles preventing construction companies from implementing sustainability measures, in the forty-page sustainability study "Are We Building a Greener Future? - Sustainability in the Construction Industry" available as a free download. In addition, the German government has recognized our research project to the tune of 11 million euros so that we can continue to work on sustainably digitalizing the construction industry. Read more about the government grant in our next article.